White Noise By Tony Trigilio

Tony Trigilio’s White Noise blends the political and the personal in an unsettling amalgam of prose fragments that have been disassembled and reassembled through a variety of strategies that are almost Oulipian in their peculiar constraints and


methodology. From a unique ‘deformation’ of Don DeLillo’s White Noise to a collocation of speech culled from Usenet bulletin boards to scattered material originally posted on the web, Trigilio stitches, reassembles and re-weaves the rhetoric of fear and politics with the language of literature and personal narrative. The book examines the poignant and disturbing intersection between the underground Usenet forums existing before 9/11 and post 9/11 terroristic paranoia. Trigilio reveals that everything these forum-users were ‘paranoid’ about since the Cold War has, in a sense, come true. This dystopian vision is becoming an increasing reality, Trigilio shows, because we have openly accepted this bizarre and chilling world of “kill lists” and mass surveillance.  White Noise is a quintessentially pataphysical response to our current milieu, but it is also, ironically, approached in utterly realist terms.

Available through SPD and Amazon


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